A Personal Take on the New Year

Embracing and savoring curious presence amid the flux.

Every year, I undergo a detailed process of writing New Years Resolutions. It is a very creative act for me, parsing words, reflecting on past writing, scheming, dreaming, considering and being curious about what is to come. Give the creativity of this act, I decided to move it beyond my journal and personal blog, and into the realm of my professional presence in a way that I could share; here. My New Years Resolutions this year are all worked into a statement that I believe I can memorize and always hold with me, yet return to as a source of depth for reflection when I sit down to write.

2015: Embracing and savoring curious presence amid the flux.

This is where I am headed. Much is known, much is unknown, and I am hopeful that I will embrace it all and savor it in the moment and after it has all happened, with a sense of curiosity and trust in the idea that flux is our natural state. I find it encouraging and affirming to recognize that change is a constant, and that it can be embraced as a source of aliveness, comfort and questioning.