An active educator with a wide array of experience, I revel in connecting students to history, themselves, one another and the moment by experiencing dance studies through embodiment, viewing, discussion and writing. While I specialize in sharing my groove, interaction and improvisation-based approach to jazz, I teach several forms of dance and lecture classes as well. I have worked with people of all ages and experience levels in settings as varied as private studios, public education programs and colleges. Please visit my Teaching Philosophy & Capabilities statement for more on my approach and background. For class descriptions, sample syllabi and full teaching video samples, please connect with me.

Photo - NDEO 2017 2

(Presenting at the 2017 National Dance Education Organization Conference)



I consider writing and presenting about dance to be vital ways to understand its impact. I’m particularly interested in the influence of jazz and American social dance ideas upon education and staged dance. My recent activities in these areas include the publishing of a new article in the journal Dance Education in Practice – Thinking on Our Feet: Improvisation for Individual and Community Expression in Jazz Class (Volume 5, Issue 4) – presenting at both the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival and the National Dance Education Organization’s second Jazz Special Topics Conference. Please connect with me for further details on accessing my other articles and proceedings.

(Presenting at the 2019 Texas Dance Improv Festival)

As writing has always been an important creative tool for me, I’ve also kept a private journal practice since 8th grade, and a personal blog since 2008 as a slightly more public place to process and ideate.