What’s Next?

What’s next?
2013 - Walk This Way 5 (Karla)

That’s sort of tough to consider when there is so much to look back on! Just last weekend, the Rhythmically Speaking 2013 show inspired 400 audience members, 33 performers, 7 choreographers, 4 techs, 5 board members and 1 staff, and I plan to carry the energy generated by the show into my next projects! And this is just one energy source this summer generated. This summer has held so much artistic depth and happiness for me that it feels appropriate to reflect a bit before I move on;

Choreography: I successfully created a beautiful duet/ trio version of my solo work “Whelmed” that I premiered at CU in the Spring, and presented it at the Rhythmically Speaking 2013 concert. I am indeed able to say ‘successful’ because revered, long-time mentors told me that the piece was an excellent artistic stretch for me that communicated clearly and expressed my signature components. What wonderful feedback to receive!

Performer: I had the pleasure of returning to the Eclectic Edge Ensemble for an eighth season to perform in our 10th Anniversary concert. It was some of the best work we’ve ever put on stage! I also had the pleasure of dancing my own work and the work of Karla Grotting, a dear mentor and colleague, in the Rhythmically Speaking 2013 show.

Project Coordinator: Need I mention Rhythmically Speaking again? I am very proud of having pulled this year’s show off as the sole Artistic Director, executing the majority of the organization’s programming, development and marketing work by me onesie. That said, I am deeply fortunate to have a kickin’ board and to be surrounded by amazing artists whose work I get to present, so I certainly did not do it alone, and I really do love that 🙂  I also had the pleasure of working with local jazz bands GST and BrassZilla once more, the former for Visual Grooves, a jazz and dance improvisation night at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis, and the later to get my tap on at Bosso Poetry at Dusty’s Bar in NE Mlps. Good time all around!

Scholar: This summer, I received my first opportunity to present an academic paper and a panel discussion at an academic conference. I had an absolutely AMAZING time connecting with fellow dance scholartists through presentations, performances and classes at the World Dance Alliance – Americas 2013 Conference, and am excited to see where these new connections might lead! I was also published for the first time this summer. My scholarly work exploring jazz dance in 1960’s America can be found in the Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship!

Teacher: As a teacher, I found great happiness in returning to teaching little ones in camps and 4Hers, as well as continuing my tenure as the Advanced Jazz teacher at Zenon Dance in Minneapolis.

Happiness is going to find me again amidst sadness as I leave MN to go back to CO for the start of my second year of grad school. I am feeling very excited for the upcoming fall, which holds a lot of neat opportunities: teaching tap, TAing Dance and Popular Culture, returning to the technique classroom with Gesel Mason as a teacher, serving as the Dance Events Coordinator for the Department, as well as in the role of administrator for the Roser Grant at CU, rehearsing for the winter performance of Rachel Oliver’s MFA project, taking jazz history, doing an independent music study with Jesse Manno . . . I am POSITIVE that there is more, but I’m going to stop there. It’s gonna be a good year at CU and as a dance artist at large.

In short, when I look back, during and forward, I feel so inspired. As things stay full-speed, I’m going to do everything I can to share that inspiration with others while soaking up every moment . . .

2013 - RS 1

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