I’m Published!


The first edition of the Journal of Emerging Dance Scholars (JEDS) is now out! It can be accessed at www.jedsonline.net. To access my paper directly, visit this link.

I am also coming down from an awesome first academic conference experience, after having been at the World Dance Alliance – Americas 2013 Conference all week in beautiful, cosmopolitan Vancouver, BC Canada. I had an incredible time making new connections with smart and snappy dance scholartists (scholar + artist), taking unique classes, hearing original presentations and panels, and watching nightly performances of work from all over the word. Additionally, I tried my hand at presenting an academic paper (the same one published in JEDS) and leading a panel discussion for the first time, and couldn’t be happier about how both went. I also had the pleasure of performing an original work by Jeffrey Peterson with the lovely Heather Klopchin for the last conference concert on Saturday night; we had a lovely time, and hope to do the piece again. The paper I presented is available at the link above, and panel discussion proceedings will be available somewhere on the interwebs soon (more to come). In short, I am thrilled about my experience, and cannot wait to attend my next conference!

Not to go unmentioned, Rhythmically Speaking 2013 is coming up fast!


To summarize the above, at the moment, I’m a very happy scholartist. Now, on to getting this show up on it’s feet!

Groove on!

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