Wrapping Up Semester #1: Looking to #2!

Thanksgiving is over, and now it’s back to work.

Finals approach, and this time around, I am not only taking them, but also teaching them! My first semester in grad school has been really rewarding so far. A combination of teaching, taking, performing, creating and writing, I have been able to actively pursue every part of dance to which I am drawn. I’d like to share two nuggets that are a product of my learning; my two dance for camera projects.

The first I have shared below was the project I put together on my own with very limited editing knowledge and an out of date camera. Those things considered, I am pretty proud of my first try;

The next project was created in collaboration with fellow dance student Nathan Blackwell, and film students Brittany Flynt and Brendan Barry. With the addition of their film capture and edit and sound-score creation knowledge, not to mention better camera equipment, the final product is observably higher quality, at least where the filming is concerned 🙂

With a successful semester almost complete, I am looking forward to what the next one brings!


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