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No matter how you are involved, Rhythmically Speaking inspires. I am proud to Artistic Direct this jazz and rhythm-driven dance support organization that has, in just four years, engaged 1300+ viewers, 110+ performers and 23 choreographers! The Twin Cities deserves quality jazz and rhythm-driven dance, and with your help, we are going to deliver. The theater is booked and production is underway for our 2013 show, but we need your help to make it happen. Ticket sales cover theater rental, but it is only with your contributions that we can continue to offer meaningful stipends to artists for their work.

As a fledgling organization, we enjoyed the support of our Regional Arts Council, which helped us build a strong community of artists and patrons. In our fifth year, we will be relying upon the contributions of our supporters to continue to grow. Your support on Give to the Max Day, a celebrated day of charitable giving in Minnesota, goes further than it might on any other day. That day, matches and hourly contests reliant upon incoming donations could as much as double the funding we receive. For example, our fiscal sponsor, Springboard for the Arts, will be matching all donations occurring between 10 and 11am! It couldn’t be easier to securely donate online. On Give to the Max Day (November 15th), just click the button below;

Online fundraising for Rhythmically Speaking presents 2013!

Rhythmically Speaking Website
Rhythmically Speaking GiveMN Site

“SO AMAZING. I’m so sad I have to WAIT A YEAR FOR THIS.”
– Claire Avitable, 2012 Audience Member

If you agree with Claire and think Rhythmically Speaking makes Minnesota a richer, brighter place to live, take advantage of this simple way to contribute to our work. As always, groove on, rhythm-lovers!

Erinn Liebhard
Artistic Director
Rhythmically Speaking

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