Fall(ing) Into . . .

I’m the Purple one.

Like Purple here, I’ve been ponying: I’ve ponied through a fulfilling summer, and am ready to pony my way into a joyful fall. Summer included ignited curiosity from learning to dance and perform with fire, creative inspiration gathered from attending a magic conference, lots of goofy antics playing Nerdette again for St. Paul Saints Baseball’s Entertainment Team, fostering art-love at the Minnesota State Fair as an emcee for the Arts A’Fair showcase of local performing arts, and, of course, the pleasure of creating for, performing in and producing the ninth annual Rhythmically Speaking production.

I’m grateful to be able to spend my time creating opportunities for people to experience groove-driven and playful art, and carry with me the joy of those pursuits as I fall into this next season. It brings another year of teaching at Winona State University and the Cowles Center, another season as a company dancer with Contempo Physical Dance and some  fun performance opportunities with Enticing Entertainment, as well as a presentation at the National Dance Education Organization’s annual conference.

I’m also excited to have a lot of opportunities as a choreographer this season. In addition to creating work for Zenon Dance Company and School’s Zone Program, St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists and the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, I’m also putting up my own production in December, featuring remounts of some of my favorite movement creations and original concert dance choreography to Vince Guaraldi’s iconic “Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack! Details on this to come.

In the mean time, Purple here is gonna keep ponying into fall, bringing a sense of play and groove with her to share with all who cross her path . . .

Happy Fall! – Erinn