Belief, Purpose, Pursuits

I recently came across a really awesome blog post by a dance friend now working at a branding agency (Zeus Jones) about applying her company’s branding strategy framework to her personal life. Given my recent interest in ‘lifestyle design’ (or whatever other similar term you may want to use), I decided to give this framework of ‘Belief, Purpose, Pursuits’ a quick shot;

UnknownBelief: Love and respect everything: it’s all connected (rhythm) actively (movement).

Purpose: To help myself and others love and respect everything to which they are actively connected – oneself, relationships, others, the earth – through the embodiment of music.

Teaching dance
Creating dance performances
Caring for personal relationships
Investing in the moment
Connecting (to myself including by body, others, food, etc.)

I hope to give some additional time and deeper thought to this, but am happy with the start I conjured up this morning! To offer more specifics on the ‘pursuits’ category; I’ve already done a lot of great things this summer – teac
hing youth musical theater camps for Youth Performance Company and various jazz classes though the Cowles Center, and performing with Enticing Entertainment at the Pride Festival, just to name a few. There are some very exciting things on the pursuits horizon for fall, but for now I’ll finish by calling out a couple upcomings;

Presenting: At NDEO’s ‘Jazz Dance: Roots and Branches’ Conference
Where: Newport, RI
When: July 31st – August 3rd

Producing, Performing in and Choreographing for: Rhythmically Speaking 2016
Where: The Southern Theater
When: August 18-20

Beliefs, Purpose and Pursuits . . . in action!