ABD (+ Upcomings!)

ABD usually stands for “All But Degree.” I’ve got that now, but as I wait for the piece of paper, I suppose for me, ABD means “All But Diploma”! After three years of hard work, on May 9th, I graduated from the University of Colorado with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance. May also included moving back to Minnesota, getting married and going on a honeymoon! Now that my personal life is settling a little, I’m looking forward to sharing the performance offerings I am involved with this summer;

Performing in: Lost Voices in Jazz: The Choreographers of the Minnesota Jazz Dance Co.
Produced by Karla Grotting and Presented by the Eclectic Edge Ensemble
When: July 24-25 @ 7:30pm
Where: The O’Shaugnessy Auditorium, St. Paul, MN
For More Info: O’Shaugnessy ‘Lost Voices in Jazz’ Page

Production Managing, Producing, Choreographing for and Performing in:
Rhythmically Speaking presents . . . 2015
When: August 20-22 @ 8pm
Where: Bedlam Lowertown, St. Paul, MN
For More Info: Rhythmically Speaking Website

With these and other upcoming opportunities (like teaching at Winona State University!), I am excited to continue putting into motion the skills I furthered and cultivated in my MFA program. Based in the Twin Cities once again, I am available for hire here and beyond this summer and upcoming academic year for classes, workshops and residencies; drop me a line.

Happy Summer!