Happy All!

Happy Everything, Friends!

With my holiday downtime, I’ve been able to reflect on the highlights of my professional life in 2013;

January: Began exploring Transnational Fusion Dance technique
February: Continued teaching Ballet and Jazz to enthusiastic undergrad students
March: Began a piece entitled ‘Whelmed’ that, by August, became one of my best so far
April: Performed the work of Rennie Harris, Donna Mejia and Kim Olson
May: Finished my first year of my Dance MFA program
June: Became a published scholar through the Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship
July: Danced in the Eclectic Edge Ensemble 10 Year Anniversary Concert
August: Presented my first paper and panel (World Dance Alliance in Vancouver)
August: Produced the fifth annual Rhythmically Speaking show!
September: Dug into my work as CU Dance Program Events Coordinator
October: TA’ed and prepped to teach (in Spring) CU’s Dance and Popular Culture class
November: Booked the Absinthe House in Boulder for my MFA show
December: Finalized for scholarly submissions a paper on jazz dance curriculum

I feel so grateful for my opportunities. I’m excited to see what the New Year has in store! All joyous and creative wishes;