Support Rhythmically Speaking on Give to the Max Day!

MN-Nice via charitable giving shows it’s beautiful face on Give to the Max Day. This year, it’s Thursday, November 14th! Plans are underway for Rhythmically Speaking 2014, and the organization needs your help to make it happen; ticket sales cover theater rental, but it’s only with your contributions that we can continue to offer meaningful stipends to artists for their work. Your contributions will directly compensate the 2014 choreographers for their creative costs, time and effort in generating thought-provoking new choreographic work that enriches our community. 

Your support on GTTMD goes further than it might on any other day; from 10-11am, our fiscal sponsor Springboard for the Arts will be chipping in an extra $10 for EVERY donation made in that hour! It couldn’t be easier to securely donate online.

If you, like me, feel that presence of vibrant jazz and rhythm-driven dance makes Minnesota (or anywhere!) a richer, brighter place to live, take advantage of this simple way to support. Also, mark your calendar for Rhythmically Speaking 2014, running August 14-16 at the Southern Theater!

Groove on!