Ongoings and Upcomings!

My summer in Minnesota has shaped up to be excellent; full of sun, fun, family, friends, and of course . . . WORK! I’m glad I like what I do, because I’ve sure been busy (even when I had thought I might end up more lackadaisical than normal this summer!). Below are some highlights; I hope you can join me for one or all!

And then, at the close of summer . . . it’s back to CU-Boulder! This fall includes work teaching tap technique, TAing the Dance and Popular Culture class, administering a university grant program and serving as the Dance Events Coordinator. This is, of course, in addition to performing, and coursework including technique, a music independent study, community engagement and jazz history. I am beyond excited to continue my journey in refining my outlook, process and products in dance. I hope your fall holds bounty for you too, but until then, let’s enjoy summer!

Groovin’ on,


All Summer: Advanced Jazz with Erinn Liebhard 

In this class, students will experience jazz dance as one of the most versatile, expressive and personal ways the body can communicate through a blend of music and movement. Explored through the lens of a musician, embodiment of a fusion of jazz-related styles serves as the basis for investigating rhythmic complexity, dynamics and audio-driven improvisation. A kickin’ soundtrack accompanies movement explorations that ask dancers to invest their personality into becoming the sound.

When: Fridays June 7 – August 30, 9:30 – 11am
Where: Zenon Dance School
More Info:


July 18-21: Performing in the Eclectic Edge Ensemble 10th Anniversary Concert


Throughout its ten years, EEE has had the honor of collaborating with an incredible range of artists and composers, and this production will continue that theme by featuring the work of veteran local composers Richard Sloss, Michael Rossetto, Warren Park, and Brian Erickson. I have been dancing with this company for eight years and am very proud of how far we’ve come!

When: July 18-20 @ 8pm, July 21 @ 2pm
Where: The Ritz Theater
More Info:


July 29 – August 4: World Dance Alliance Conference

I am thrilled to be presenting a paper, panel discussion and performing for Jeffrey Peterson at the WDA 2013 Conference. This is my first time attending, let alone presenting at a conference, and I am excited to be surrounded by dance nerds all day for a week! My paper and corresponding presentation, focused on 1960s America, discusses  jazz dances’ correlation to social dance trends has a linkage to the development of dismissive attitudes toward the form within concert dance. The panel, involving six other jazz dance rockstars, will discuss the prime tenets of jazz dance and their relation to pedagogy, research and the development of shared understanding of the form among practitioners.

When: July 29 – August 4
Where: Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver, BC Canada
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August 15-17: Rhythmically Speaking 2013

RS 2012 2 SP
On August 15-17 at the Southern Theater, the seven dynamic choreographers of Rhythmically Speaking 2013 will offer the community seven different conversations in physical rhythm. Bound together by the endless abilities of jazz and rhythm-driven dance to ignite interactions between people and music, the 2013 production features forward-thinking local choreographers Yung-Tsi Bolon & Laura Horn, Emily Broeker, Karla Grotting, Erinn Liebhard, Christine Maginnis and Darrius Strong, and welcomes visitor Maura Garcia from Kansas.

When: August 15-17
Where: The Southern Theater
More Info:

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