Rhythmically Speaking 2013 Choreographers Announced!

Yes indeed. In the midst of my first year of grad school coming to a close, I was also working on getting Rhythmically Speaking 2013 up on it’s feet (and feeling very grateful for the opportunity)! The following choreographers have been selected for the 2013 show, running August 15-17 at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis:

Yung-Tsi Bolon and Laura Horn
Emily Broeker
Maura Garcia
Karla Grotting
Erinn Liebhard (Artistic Director of RS)
Christine Maginnis
Darrius Strong

Find out more about the process, the show and the organization at www.rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org, and mark your calendar for the show!


Erinn Liebhard
Dance Artist
Artistic Director of Rhythmically Speaking
M.F.A. Candidate in Dance at CU-Boulder

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