School Starts Tomorrow/ Rhythmically Speaking 2013!

Here I am, in Boulder CO.

After a week of orientations, I am ready to start taking and teaching classes at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Department of Theater and Dance. Check them out!;

Can you see why I am excited? Classes I am taking;

Research Strategies
Hip Hop Technique with Rennie Harris
Advanced Composition
Alexander Technique

Classes I am teaching:

History and Philosophy of Dance (TA)
Beginning Ballet
Beginning Jazz with Experience

On top of all this, I will be maintaining my connection to the Twin Cities dance community through Rhythmically Speaking. We just came off an amazing show, and are excited to already be making plans for next year (August 15-17 at the Southern Theater).

That’s right! Rhythmically Speaking will be going strong, so choreographers, start thinking about your submissions! We were deeply moved and very enthused by audience sizes and reactions this year, and cannot wait to put on another hurrah. Thank you to all the performers, choreographers, technicians and audience members that made the experience come alive. We are grateful, and re-energized to keep chugging forward in support of jazz and rhythm-driven dance forms. Yes, that WAS a play on words. Chugging….ha. Dance joke.

Onward, to prep for getting my head and body filled with dance!

In rhythm,

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