Keepin’ Busy!

I love working with live music.

Last night, I had the audio-visual pleasure of witnessing my choreography come together with live sound, after several rehearsals of working with a pre-recorded piece of music. The thrill was better then the bottoming out of a huge roller coaster! Here is a little taste;

Come see this entire piece and the work of 8 other amazing jazz and rhythm-driven choreographers at…

Co-Artistic Directing/ Producing, Choreographing for and Performing in Rhythmically Speaking presents…. 2012
August 16 – 18 at the Southern Theater

Other great summer projects;

Performing in A Grimm Tale by the Eclectic Edge Ensemble
July 19 – July 22nd at the Ritz Theater

Choreographing for Dances, Chances, Circumstances
August 10 – 12 The Phipps Center for the Arts

Keep these in mind as you plan the rest of your summer. Cheers!

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