To Railing Forward and Rhythmically Speaking, with Gratitude.

My artistic projects just continue to inspire me, and it seems like others too! Labors of passion, looking back upon both shows (Railing Forward for the MN Fringe and Rhythmically Speaking’s Groovers & Makers, which just ran August 25-27 at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis) makes my heart swell. Here are some of the things other people had to say about the shows;

Railing Forward

“A gorgeous performance that brought tears to my eyes–the beauty of “everyday” people images in a slideshow, alongside hauntingly beautiful original musical accompaniment. Original, rhythmic, inviting; ambitious but not pretentious. Wonderful work, and I hope this is only the first in a continued series from Strange, Liebhard, and company. I highly recommend this show!”
– Sarah Eshelman

The variety in this show was intriguing. Poetry, rap, dance, music, visual art and theatrical presentation – there was something for everyone who enjoy the arts! I particularly enjoyed the original poetry and the John Henry Suite. The dancing in the suite was tremendously moving and skillfully backed up by the musicians. Bravo!
– Brenda White

This was our first exposure to fringe and it was a perfect opening. I loved the mixture of fantastic dancing, inspiring poetry (and delivery), 3 piece music group and full conducted 13 piece orchestra with visualization and vocals. Thank you for opening my eyes to the potential of the arts.
– Jeff Myers

Rhythmically Speaking’s Groovers & Makers

“I’ve got to say one of the things I loved the most was the diversity. It’s always fun to see young, fit dancers doing what they love, but I truly enjoyed seeing the older dancers as well. You could just feel their ease and experience and they seemed so comfortable in their own skin. …. funny, casual and quirky. Overall, I gotta say Bravo!”
– Sarah Clark, 2011 Audience Member

“Thank you so very much for the great experience this past week. From start to finish, the show was run impeccably – from the production preparation (in terms of technical needs, program requirements, etc), and ya know, the tech itself was fantastic. Heather and Erinn, you have a truly fantastic thing going here, and I am so fortunate to have been included these past two years. The show is eclectic, professional, and currently provides a vital foray into otherwise uncharted territory in this community. Bravo. You’ve allowed me to continue a crucial aspect of my personal technical and creative journey, and present that to an audience. Thank you again for a fantastic experience.”
– Jeffrey Peterson, 2010/ 2011 Choreographer

“Creative, Energetic, Absolutely Fantastic! Congratulations to all the choreographers, dancers and the producers Erinn and Heather for helping bring jazz and rhythm-based dance to the Twin Cities.”
– Matt Shropfel, CEO of The Dancing Fair

“Congrats on a wonderful performance tonight! It was lush, polished and generous. It was clear from the opening curtain speech the love, care and passion that was poured into the evening.”
– Carl Flink, Chair of the Department of Theater Arts and Dance at the University of Minnesota

I’m touched by the sentiments of the people above, and am so thrilled to know that what I do makes an impact. That said, I am also grateful to be impacted by the people with whom I work. I am continuously grateful to be surrounded by amazing people, day in and day out. Thank goodness leaving two big projects behind (Railing Forward for the MN Fringe 2011 and Groovers & Makers) doesn’t mean leaving the people behind! I am grateful for each and every person involved in these projects, particularly to my dancers/ mentors/ and collaborators-support people; Joanna Lees, Brittany Radke, Kristin Ostebee, Kristin Howe, Michala Cornell, Mackenzie Beck-Esmay/ Zoe Sealy, Karla Grotting/ Heather P. Westerlund, Aaron Schoenrock, Sarah Salisbury, Jen DeGolier, Aleutian Calabay, Andy Ford, Lindsay Woolward, Dameun Strange, Joy Wayne and Reilly Liebhard, Kristoffer Kathy and David Olson. There is no end to how thankful I am for each of you.

I’m not wound down yet, don’t plan to be any time soon! I plan to carry the energy generated by these shows into my next projects. More on those soon! With that, I conclude;

Groove on, people. Groove on. 🙂

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