Fringe Is On It’s Way!

The more time I spend looking at my calendar (and that has been a lot lately), the more I realize how close we are to August. For many Minnesotans, that means Fringe Festival time! I must say that while it is coming fast, it feels like ‘Fringe Festival time’ is due. Railing Forward Co-Producer Dameun Strange and I have been collaborating since last April (yes, April 2010) to create what is going to be put on stage for Fringe. Details;

August 4-14: Co-Producing, Choreographing and Performing 
What: Railing Forward + Other Works (an MN Fringe Festival Production)
Details/ Tickets:

It has been a long and rewarding process, and it’s length has allowed us to truly exchange and have wonderful back and forth. With time came detail, and the ability for each of us to change the course of the work. For example, one of us could tell the other about a  theme we enjoyed and wanted to see come back, or sections of work that were not in line with where we were headed. Having the luxury of time allowed us to see things big picture.

That said, luxury of time does not always equal luxury of schedule. Most artists are very busy people who learn how to schedule themselves like no other. We devote ourselves to so many exciting things at once, that it is hard to get many of us in the same room at any given time. We certainly have not eluded the challenge of scheduling, but simply worked with it, which has honed in the times we have had to create, making them more productive. I can speak for myself (though I am sure Dameun would agree) to say that we are very fortunate to work with many dedicated and talented local artists, including 6 dancers, 13 musicians, a photographer, a vocalist and a spoken word artist/ beat boxer.

Quite the mash-together, I must say. But like a good batch of garlic mashed potatoes at your favorite restaurant, part of the appeal is the mystery combination of ingredients that come together to make a glorious taste. I have mentioned the ingredients; now come taste the show!


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