Now Eye See You, Now Eye Don’t

One thing I haven’t been seeing much of lately is sleep! There are a lot of exciting artistic things happening these days; rehearsing as a performer for Eclectic Edge Ensemble’s summer show in work by Karis Sloss and Zoe Sealy, rehearsing my choreography and preparing administrative deals for my Fringe Festival show Railing Forwardwith Dameun Strange, taking in all the exciting proposals submitted for this year’s Rhythmically Speaking show, year-end performances the various places I am teaching. Most exciting at this very moment is what is coming up this weekend.

This weekend marks the opening of a mind-bending, thought-provoking, visually, kinesthetically and auditoraly-wowing piece of performance art; Now Eye See You, Now Eye Don’t, by Off-Leash Area Contemporary Performance Works. If that description isn’t enough, here’s some more from Artist Director Paul Herwig; “Wow – tap dancing health care administrators (that’s me!), mountain climbing surgeons, exotic bird art collectors, Ivey Award winning company, Sage Award winning set designer, and Walker commissioned choreographer – what more could you want? A rolling 6-foot eyeball? We got it! Come to the show!”

Curious yet? Here are the details;

What: Now Eye See You, Now Eye Don’t

Where: The Ritz Studio Theatre (345 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN)

When: April 28-May 7, 2011 (exact dates and times at

Tickets: Call 612-724-7372. $15-20 sliding scale, cash/check only at the door 

Who: Off-Leash Area Contemporary Performance Works with a bunch of amazing Twin-Cities artists;

  • Directed and Created by Paul Herwig and Jennifer Ilse with Dominic Orlando

  • Choreography by Jennifer Ilse, Text by Dominic Orlando, Music by Reid Kruger, Set by Paul Herwig, Costumes by Sonya Berlovitz and Lighting by Mike Grogan

  • Cast: The Doctors – Megan Bridges, Bryan Gerber, Christine Maginnis/ The Cost of Health Care – Jennifer Ilse, Erinn Liebhard/ The Art World – Heather Bunch, Non Edwards, Mimi Holland, Jordan Klitzke, David P. Schneider, Rissa Shea/ The Painter: Paul Herwig

Description: Created in collaboration with celebrated local playwright Dominic Orlando, and inspired by Off-Leash Area Co-Artistic Director Paul Herwig’s own challenges with vision loss, “Now Eye See You, Now Eye Don’t” is the story of a successful visual artist who goes blind–a darkly comic production with big choreographed dance numbers, plenty of humor, and a universal story of loss, dignity and hope.

This show has given me a chance to work with some amazingly talented artists in a process different from what I have been used to lately, and to really delve deeper into my thoughts surrounding the medical industry. I’m really looking forward to sharing this show with the world. Come be a part of that world to laugh, think and enjoy yourself while taking in live performance.

 Happy Spring!

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