Fringe is a comin’ . . .

Here it comes. It seems simply too early to say such a thing, but it’s really true; I am starting my rehearsals this coming Sunday, a schedule which will hold through the beginning of August until we get our work on stage. It seems so far away, but scheduling out a sequence of Sunday rehearsals with a relatively ambitious amount of choreography to create makes it seem like August is right around the corner.

Dameun Strange (my collaborator and an excellent composer whose work can be found at and I have been meeting consistently to chat about show picture, composition, schedule and combined rehearsals, and now this thing is going to start happening. To listen to a sample of the original music for our show, stop by Dameun’s website. There is a lot of work to be done, so I am counting my blessing that I am surrounded by talented performers and creators!


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