Come See Some Dance in February & March!

Hello folks!

I hope you are enjoying our winter wonderland and looking for some live performance, cuz boy do I have some suggestions! I have been very active and excited this Fall and Winter, preparing to make some great offerings to the Twin Cities live art scene, including working on a new music and dance project with composer Dameun Strange and continued work with the Eclectic Edge Ensemble (full descriptions below!) Break your cabin fever and come check out one or/and all!


February 11th-12th at 8PM: Kinetic Kitchen

Where: Patrick’s Cabaret (3010 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN)

Tickets: $8 in advance from a performer or $10 at the door

The Kinetic Kitchen is a dance series produced by Sarah LaRose Holland that showcases professional choreographers and dance companies at Patrick’s Cabaret. Performances take place three to four times per year and generally showcase four or five choreographers in a given performance. This installment features the work of Taja Will, Kristin Howe, Hai Dang Nguyen and Erinn Liebhard with original music by composer Dameun Strange. 

The work of Erinn Liebhard and Dameun Strange:
After meeting at a Metropolitan Regional Arts Council panel and jiving over a shared interest in rhythm as a driver of quality creative work, composer Dameun Strange initiated this project with me to bring to life his creative thoughts spurred by the myth of John Henry. Coined Railing Forward, this work-in-progress collaboration explores how developments in locomotion and communication technologies have affected people’s interactions with one another, particularly where ideas of emotion, efficiency and dependence are concerned. Showcased for Kinetic Kitchen are the first two movements of the five movement piece, danced to the original music of Dameun Strange. We plan to present the piece in it’s entirety in the Twin Cities late summer or early fall. Also being presented at Kinetic Kitchen are my recent works Arguegreement, a goofy trio, and Gratitudinal, I solo I created for myself about appreciating life. Performers include me, Kristin Howe, Kristin Ostebee, Joanna Lees, Brittany Radke, Michala Cornell, and MacKenzie Beck-Esmay.

February 17th-19th at 8pm, 19th and 20th at 3pm: Snow Bound! A Journey From Autumn to Spring

Where: The Ritz Theater (345 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN)
Tickets: $15 advance, $17 at the door
Purchase by calling 612-436-1129, or clicking here

Snow Bound! teams Mad Muchkin Productions and Eclectic Edge Ensemble in a
magical infusion of puppetry and jazz dance against a backdrop of original music.
Journey through the human experience of winter, from its playful wonder to depressing darkness, and everything in between. Join hibernating animals and night stars as puppeteers and dancers explore the wintery natural world. (My note: this show is going to be amazing! We just had one of the first combined rehearsals, which made me so excited to invite people. This one is great for whole families!)


March 4th-5th at 8pm, 6th at 2pm: Renovate – A Choreographer’s Evening

Where: The Ritz Theater (345 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN)
Tickets: $18 for adults, $15 for students, seniors and Northeast residents, $12 for kids 12 and under
Purchase by calling 612-436-1129, or clicking here

An annual Ritz favorite, Renovate: A Choreographer’s Evening is an annual Ritz favorite, returning this year with an eclectic line up featuring 11 innovative local choreographers. From fresh emerging artists to hot tickets, this program premieres a collection of dynamic, witty and thought-provoking choreography from Erinn Liebhard, Jennifer Isle, Jennifer Glaws, Karla Grotting, Non Edwards, Carrie Lande, Blake Nellis, Lisa Conlin, Anat Shinar, Three Dances, and Christine Maginnis. (My note: I will be presenting the first section of the above-described work of me and Dameun, as well as performing with Off-Leash Area, Karla Grotting and Jennifer Glaws. This show is sure to be a smattering of many exciting styles. If you like your dance shows like you like your dessert, and you prefer multi-flavored mini cheesecakes to a slice of
chocolate cake, this show is for you!)

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