When’s Your Next Show?

People ask this a lot. I find it both awesome and difficult. Let me explain. I think it’s awesome when friends, family, acquaintances and even passersby display interest in what I’m doing with dance. I find inquiry in the form of this question difficult because my answer is often ‘6 months from now,’ or ‘9 […]

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Looking for Election Night Antics?

Look no further! I had the pleasure of choreographing the movement bits in the first rendition of this show four years ago, and am happy to be back with the original cast and crew to remount this crazy romp through our presidential history. Though it runs Sunday, November 6th through Tuesday, November 8th, the election […]

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Falling In . . .

Photo by V. Paul Virtucio to new and renewed pursuits this fall. Summer was a great interruption to the September through April-May routine. I got to geek out as “Nerdette” again for St. Paul Saint’s Baseball’s Entertainment Team, reconnect with K-12 students teaching for the Cowles Center and Youth Performance Company, ignite my scholar side […]

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