Creating and witnessing the live performance of dance inspires and connects people. With this in mind, my company and I create groove-driven work that has been seen across the U.S. and Canada in theaters and non-conventional performance spaces, and across the world through film. Most recently, I produced a show featuring choreography to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, played live by local Twin Cities band GST! I also create and reconstruct original work for dance companies, theatrical productions and educational institutions. For availability and rates, get in touch!

. . thWUmp . . (2016 – Photo by Bill Cameron)

2016 - thWUmp (Choreo) (Cameron)

Tune (2015 – Photo by Jillian Bell)

2015 - Tune (Bell) (Choreo-Perf)

For additional video beyond the reel provided on the ‘ABOUT’ page of this site, visit my YouTube channel.